Taylor’s Thoughts: The Browns Need To Disband As An Organization After Trade Deadline Blunder

I’m done. I’m officially over it. I’ve had it with the damn Browns and their never-ending shit streak.

You’ve all probably heard the stories by now. The Browns had a trade in the works with the Bengals to bring QB AJ McCarron to Cleveland for second and third round picks in 2018.

For whatever reason, the trade didn’t go through by the 4:00pm trade deadline on Tuesday.

There have been multiple different stories as to why this didn’t happen.

There’s a story saying that the Browns didn’t submit the trade in time because they were too busy celebrating the trade and forgot to submit the paperwork to the NFL.

There’s another story saying that the Browns sent all the proper paperwork to the Bengals and Cincinnati didn’t send it through.

There’s even a conspiracy theory out there that the Browns front office didn’t want to get McCarron and Hue Jackson did so the front office purposefully didn’t send in the paperwork.

Now, if you had to take a guess, who do you think is at fault for this? That’s right, the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns have taken their level of suck to a whole new level. This has gone from incompetence to purposeful intent to suck.

Even the most incompetent jackass to ever be in the football industry could put together a solid trade by the NFL deadline.

Whether you liked the idea of the trade or not, the fact that they didn’t even have the competence to finalize a trade is disgusting and should enrage fellow Browns fans everywhere.

This team needs to be disbanded. They need to be burned to the ground and start a new franchise in the city like a phoenix from the ashes.

I honestly don’t know how the Browns can be this consistently bad for almost two full decades. If you are the world’s worst darts player and you keep throwing darts at the board for 18 years, eventually you’re going to get a damn bullseye.

The Browns’ legitimate best hope at winning a game this year is when their weed-addict receiver Josh Gordon, who hasn’t played a single snap since 2014, comes back from almost three years of suspension on November 27th.

I honestly can’t take this anymore. I will always be a Browns fan for the rest of my days or until the NFL eventually disbands the franchise as a whole or they relocate again but I don’t think I can watch this crap anymore and other Browns fans shouldn’t have to either.

This city deserves better than what the Cleveland Browns have produced and change needs to come fast.