Pandel Savic Passes Away at 92

Former Ohio State QB, Memorial Chairman, died Tuesday

Savic, far left,. Photo from

One of the world’s most interesting people passed away Tuesday. Pandel Savic was 92 years old, but with the stories from his life and all that he accomplished, it probably felt like 9200 years.

Savic was born in Macedonia, a country in Europe that is just North of Greece. When he was just 9 years old, he immigrated by himself to the United States of America, more specifically Northern Ohio, to be with his Father.

Savic served his country as a United States Marine in World War II, fighting in the South Pacific. After the war, Savic returned to Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. After joining the football team, Savic led the Buckeyes to the Rose Bowl in 1949, his senior season. On January 2nd, 1950, Savic led the Buckeyes over the University of California Golden Bears 17-14 for the first Rose Bowl win in Ohio State history.

The members of the 1950 OSU Football team carry coach Wes Fesler off the field. Photo by the Associated Press.

After getting the best of the Golden Bears, Savic came into the life of another Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. Savic was a founding member of Muirfield Village Golf Club, and served as the General Chairman for the Memorial Tournament for over 30 years.

The Golden Bear himself had some beautiful words to honor his dear friend and mentor:

“Pandel Savic was as good a friend as I have ever had. I have known Pandel since I was 6 years old, and until his passing this week, he had been a great friend, great supporter, and great family man. He helped to found Muirfield Village Golf Club and the Memorial Tournament. We partnered in a number of golf tournaments, and spent a lot of quality time together and shared countless laughs through the years. Pandel was general chairman of the Memorial Tournament for parts of four decades, and he helped build the foundation of the Memorial, and the Tournament we all enjoy and are proud of today.”

You can read the full press release from The Memorial Tournament here.