OPINION: “Conference Pride” Be Damned

Photo by Associated Press

Let me make this perfectly clear.

If you are an Ohio State fan and you are rooting for Michigan in the National Championship game tonight because you think it’s “good for the Big Ten”, you’re stupid and I hate you.

When did “conference pride” become a thing?  I have never understood this thing where people sometimes root for rivals because they think it will “help the conference”.

I think this all started with the SEC a decade ago when they started winning every single national championship in football and the rednecks down south started to develop this theory that they were better than everyone else and start chanting “SEC! SEC! SEC!” as if the south was about to rise again.  Then, they kicked it up a couple notches in the past couple years with that weird “it just means more” commercial which looks more like a commercial for erectile disfunction medication instead of for a collegiate conference.

Anyway, my point is what the hell does it matter?  If Ohio State isn’t playing, why should Buckeye fans care about who else wins or loses?

I remember very clearly just a little over three years ago when I was still in college, I went down to New Orleans to watch Ohio State play Alabama in the first-ever College Football Playoff.  Being the fan of college football that I am, I would go down to the hotel lobby bar on occasion during the trip to watch some of the games.  On the day of the Sugar Bowl, I was watching Wisconsin vs. Auburn in the Outback Bowl at the hotel lobby bar as I had done the past couple days and there were some Alabama fans watching there as well… AND THEY WERE OPENLY CHEERING FOR AUBURN.

This confused me and kind of pissed me off a little because this is when the national media wouldn’t shut up about how intense the Iron Bowl rivals is and all that garbage.  So, when I saw every single Alabama fan in that hotel rooting for Auburn because of “conference pride”, it bothered me to no end.  You will never find me rooting for Michigan under any circumstances unless it were to benefit Ohio State in some form like get them a spot in the playoffs or something of that nature.  When the Big Ten went undefeated this past bowl season except for Michigan, that was a perfect bowl record for the Big Ten in my eyes.

With all that being said, any Buckeye fan with half a brain cell should be rooting for Villanova with all their life tonight in the men’s basketball national championship game.  If you think Michigan fans are annoying now when they don’t even have anything to talk trash about, imagine how insufferable they would be if they had a national title for Twitter ammo.

So to all of Buckeye Nation, pray to the basketball gods today that Michigan loses tonight and “conference pride” be damned.